Think Do. Company originated in Melbourne in 2000 under the corporate identity of PnacInteractive Pty Ltd when the business partners merged their talents after many years of senior management experience in banking & finance and the Royal Australian Navy.

The philosophy was simple then and still is today – help others achieve what’s possible through purpose, performance, achievement and connection.

When one of the partners suffered a major cerebellar stroke at a young age after chiropractic manipulation, the focus of the business had to change.

It was not until 2012, after much soul-searching, coaching and new directions in study and learning, that the partners were ready for a new approach that would fulfil an agreed purpose and deeply held principles & values.

With more than 25 years of experience as a director, consultant, and HR executive, Think Do. Company’s capability and focus is on strengthening individual and business performance. Robust purpose, simplifying everything, reducing waste and saving energy is going to transform productivity and make the world a better place. It’s time to restore social and environmental balance – fixing up what we’ve broken. Think Do. Company has extensive knowledge and experience in the support the brain needs to connect productivity to purpose and intention. We know how people learn and think best, what they value, what makes them feel valued, and the environment needed to support their productivity. Integrating purpose with evidence-based approaches on how the brain works can transform productivity.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

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With a Bachelor of Arts in European languages, a Master of Arts in Education & Work and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation, Cathy attributes her greatest learnings to serving as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy, working as a HR professional in both ANZ and the Port of Brisbane – it doesn’t get any more diverse – and immersion for 4 years in the study of neuroscience and results coaching.

Cathy is a highly qualified and experienced executive leader with a track record in strategic HR roles in commercial environments in both the public and private sector, including the transition from public to private. With roles in the Royal Australian Navy, Banking & Finance, Executive HR and Infrastructure Management, Cathy’s key areas of focus are strengthening individual and business performance & productivity. Underpinned by a deep knowledge of neuroscience* and its application in the workplace, Cathy’s work places emphasis on purpose and meaning, values and culture, and social leadership.

Cathy’s experience and expertise allows her to bring a difference to the workplace.

A frustration with leadership & management programs not delivering what they set out to achieve, and coaching methodologies not intuitive enough to be easily and quickly applied, Cathy makes use of approaches that are more logical, naturally inheritable and save energy.

Think Do. Company is a purpose-driven business.

Cathy connects with like-minded, qualified and experienced professionals to bring Think Do. Company’s values and guiding principles to life in achieving the core purpose of the business.

If you change what you think, you change how you feel and you change what you do.

“Neuroscience* is confirmation that we need to do things differently. The world of work is changing – businesses are starting to re-organise themselves and their working environments more in support of people’s needs. Make it about people…and productivity improves.”

“The science can’t be ignored. Evidence-based outcomes on how the brain works and subsequent brain-based approaches to coaching, and developing people and workplace environments not only work, but continue to amaze me. I was coached myself when times were tough at work. Coaching and understanding how my brain worked empowered me to think different, do different and be different.”

“I have a strong desire to work together with business to develop environments where people are happy, engaged and do their best work; they have space to think, rest and play; they are focused on collaboration and contribution to business success; they have balance. This means business gets more productivity while making more positive contributions to communities and adding greater value to society. This is close to my heart.”

*evidence of how the brain works | why we behave and do things the way we do

Cathy connects with like-minded, qualified and experienced professionals to bring Think Do. Company’s values and guiding principles to life in achieving the core purpose of the business.


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