We are ICF professional certified coaches (PCC) who coach through the neuroscience lens to achieve significant and lasting leadership and productivity improvements.

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With a depth and breadth of experience developing and delivering leadership solutions across banking & finance, infrastructure management, small business and the Royal Australian Navy, as well as hands on leadership experience in all these environments and more, Think Do. Company focuses on social leadership because…“we keep developing results-focussed leaders but we’re not getting the results we need in a rapidly changing business landscape.”


Think Do. Company is all about design, and that means looking after the greatest design of all – your people, your business. The design of customised professional development solutions and ‘programs’ for individual, small group, workshop, change or strategy implementation is a core capability of Think Do. Company and we’ve got Awards to prove it. We’ve designed ‘programs’ for businesses of all types and sizes.


No matter how hard we try, change efforts often don’t work. Our NeuroChange program makes change stick by generating proactive and meaningful responses from employees rather than reactive, often destructive thoughts and responses. By connecting with every employee authentically and purposefully, tension may well be stimulated, but so will adaptation. NeuroChange involves working with what we know about how the brain works rather than against it.


The cleverest of minds are telling us that it’s time everyone chipped in, pulled together and delivered a meaningful outcome –  meaningful for employees as well as employers and the community they serve. The role of the employer is that of a thoughtful leader with a purpose that goes beyond financial results, anticipating the needs of employees, all of whom have the capacity to be inspiring, highly motivated individuals committed to the purpose their business stands for.


The way we see it, being more brain-aligned is not an option. We develop values that are meaningful to you and your business and naturally inheritable by those who work with you. Developing your desired cultured then rests with your leadership.


An imperative for every manager and every leader. Employees are not just workers any more, they are volunteers who happen to work with you right now. Being able to assess when engagement is high, when there is stress, and when problems are festering, is the new engagement survey.