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Anyone who has listened to the inimitable Rodriguez will know that this blog has been inspired by his most well-known song. Rodriguez’s wonderings in the 70’s are undoubtedly still relevant – he touched on some issues that are more prevalent now than ever. Inspired by ‘wonder’, I’ve been doing a bit of wondering myself…

I wonder whether we will have koalas in twenty years.

I wonder whether we will experience a damaging tsunami or sea surge where I live.

I wonder whether we will have fish in the oceans in the next couple of decades.

I wonder when we will solve the problem of inequality and poverty.

I wonder when our system of government will get a grip and modernise itself for the good of people and planet.

I wonder whether the fake world of social media in the professional environment will become authentic and well-placed?

I wonder whether I’ll be taken care of by a robot when I’m old.

I wonder when real estate agents will be replaced by artificial intelligence.

The great thing about wondering is that it gives you space to be curious, to dream, to mind play. Wonder is an emotion aroused by curiosity, something worrying, awe-inspiring or surprising. It is the act of pondering, musing, meditating or reflecting. It could just be one of the greatest expressions of conscious awareness and is a must-have trait for leaders.

Wondering is a product of the ‘off-task’ brain network when there is a higher level of brain activity compared to ‘on-task’ cognitive functioning i.e. those of us who are ‘busy-brains’, can’t switch off, addicted to cognitive loading are depriving ourselves of the potential for more profound awareness of our mental selves. Wondering can bring on ideas, creative thought and even drive us to action.

I wonder when humans will stop focusing on greed, GDP and growth and start focusing more on peace, equality and environment.

I wonder if we incredibly smart humans will be able to resolve climate change.

I wonder when we will stop making Mother Nature angry.

“I wonder about the tears in children’s eyes and I wonder about the soldier who dies. I wonder will this hatred ever end. I wonder and worry, my friend. I wonder, I wonder, wonder don’t you?” (Rodriguez)


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